Who is Frankie?

My name is Frankie and I worked at the Moorside Grange Hotel in Disley from 2008 to the time it closed in 2013. I wore many hats there, I started out as a belly boy, then worked in maintenance, waiter at the Courtyard restaurant, and then eventually to concierge and assistant manager.

The years I spent working there were some of the best in my life. The hotel had a certain aura to it that is hard to explain. But I met many people who still to this day are some of my closest friends.

Before working there, I had barely finished high school and really had very little direction in my life. When a friend had told me the hotel was hiring, I figured “what the bloody heck”, I need to start do something productive in my life!

The hotel management was always friendly and supportive, as I had no previous hotel experience. As time went on, I began to learn the business of hospitality, and actually had a passion for making everything right for our guests. And in doing so, management promoted me based on the merit of my work.

At this time of writing, I have worked hard and saved enough money to make an investment in a small bed and breakfast near Lyme Park. So this blog will be dedicated to facts about the Moorside Grange Hotel and some stories of my memorable moments (and some funny stories as well) experienced there.

So sit back and have a good read and enjoy!

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