About The Peake District

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The Peak District is an area of great diversity having remarkable geology. This upland area located in England at the south of pennies is split into the southern White Peak and the Northern Dark peak.

The southern white Peak features a geology of limestone where most of the population exists while northern Dark Peak consists of moorland geology. It is located in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Great Manchester.

The Peak District National park was the first national park located in the United Kingdom that was established in 1051. Its location is highly accessible due to its proximity to the main cities of Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Manchester, and Sheffield.

You can easily get to the park through the various roads and rails. This renown National park attracts loads of visitors from around the world every year who come to witness the great beauty, diversity, and excitement it offers.

Records determined that Peak District was inhabited in the early stages of human history. Evidence of palaeoenvironmental and Mesolithic flint artifacts from the caves reveal that early ancestors lived within the area. Throughout the Bronze Age, the region was well tilled and populated. The inhabitants lived in henges.

The area is exceptionally known for its contrasting natural beauty. It is loved for its breathtaking views, historic houses, beautiful villages, bustling market towns and famous attractions. The Picturesque villages always provide a selfie opportunity.

Are you planning to visit the great outdoors in Peak District? The National Park features great adventures that you and your family will greatly enjoy.

There are loads of exciting stuff that you can involve yourself in whatever period of the year. Walking is the top most popular outdoor activity that people come to indulge in. This is exciting as you get to view amazing and spectacular scenes while keeping fit.

You get to have the experience and knowledge of navigation by use of a compass. Along the journey, you will discover beautiful wildflower and aircraft wrecks.

Are you an adrenaline or cycling junkie? The park caters for your needs as you get to experience a great range of cycling activities within the park. The facility is equipped with a range of great bikes that you can hire for your family starting from your youngest child to granny. The bikes are suited for different ages and abilities. Additionally, cycling hire centers have powered terrain wheelchair bikes and electric bikes.

Want family fun activities? The park has scheduled Explorer days and Family Play Wild moments that you can get to enjoy with the whole family. School holidays also come with their fulfilled activities. The park caters for group visits such as schools or other institutions.

The Peake District features the Abraham heights that are among the top most appealing destinations in the area. High human achievement matches the stunning natural beauty of the land. The history blends in seamlessly with futuristic advancements. The heights are famously known for the great landmark cable car where you get to experience the spectacular and exciting journey through the Derwent Valley.

Are your interests based on viewing caves and tracing their historical background? There are regular cavern tours that allow you to go through the journey of the miners and see the spectacular caverns they left behind.

The park consists of stunning historical houses having beautiful landscapes. You get to explore the magnificent Hardwick created in the early 1500’s where the descendants of the Bess of Hardwick lived together with their gardeners, farmers, craftsmen, and builders. Hardwick consists of glorious gardens, walled courtyards, and beautiful orchards. Follow the magic trail and experience a Harry Potter journey.

For a complete day out, you can visit the Cromford Mills where you get to explore the Derwent Valley Heritage site. This unique site features highly interactive film displays. From there on, you can take a narrow and exciting boat ride along a canal as you get to know the extraordinary history.

Good for you if you are planning a visit here, there are new and exciting attractions within the regions. The Galactica is a huge roller coaster that is highly dedicated towards virtual reality. The iconic roller coaster comprises of cutting edge technology having exciting twists, drops, and turns. You get the opportunity of soaring into new dimensions having limitless space wonders. You have a variety to choose from as there are 50 attractions and rides.