Some of the amenities at the Moorside Grange Hotel

moorside grange hotel swimming poolThere was an 18 meter pool at the hotel. It was an indoor pool which is not always looked upon as a relaxation source, but this pool was housed in such a beautifully crafted building which included vaulted ceilings that boasted high, rustic looking wooden beams.

This addition to the hotel was something that drew attention, and of course more paying guests, simply from its pictures. Along with the rustic look of the indoor pool came the spa that was offered by the hotel. Guests were able to rest and relax by the indoor pool, workout doing laps, or easily take a dip before they were called in for their spa treatments.

The pool was another big expense to keep up and had to be tiled and plastered often to keep up with the demand of hotel guest who visited for the pool and spa facilities. There were guests who loved to bring their expertise to the spa and for that the owners and management were blessed and grateful. Many bachelor parties and girls weekends were spent enjoying the pool and its detailed tiling and smooth bottom that was always kept up by one of the best clients of the hotel at.

The spa itself had something known as the Wet Center, which truly was the hotel’s own creative vision. It included a relaxation suite with fruit infused water, and peaceful water fountains. There was also a steam room, and a sauna. In addition to the main pool housed indoors, was a large jacuzzi spa that held up to 16.

This, too was needing a lot of repair and maintenance as it was used and turned on at least 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. And lastly there was a plunge pool that was kept very cold for when guests exited the sauna or steam room.

The spa facilities were free to be used by guests staying at the hotel and was a selling point and main attraction at the Moorside Grange Hotel.  No spa would be complete without offering a salon with services including haircuts, blow drys, styling, and coloring to name a few.

Also manicure and pedicure services were offered, waxing, threading, not to forget makeup as well for the clients and guests. All products used at the spa were all natural and organic. There were packages offered by the hotel to accommodate any person’s needs or wishes.

There was also a state of the art gym for those guests who preferred to workout indoors or keep up with weight training. The relaxation therapies included at the hotel were the pool, spa, salon, and gym. These mentioned were enough to keep guests to stay and pay for an extra night at the hotel. This would wrap up a usually very memorable vacation or adventure in Lyme Park’s Peak District.