My experience at The International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival

pirates of penzanceI was lucky enough to go to The International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival six or seven years ago. I was a guest at the Moorside Grange Hotel before it closed. It suited our needs perfectly, maybe had more than we even really needed. See I came there with my acting troupe/ theatre group, that I belonged to in college. We went to research and enjoy the festival during that year instead of doing summer stock, which is what most of us did during the other summers.

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Some of the amenities at the Moorside Grange Hotel

moorside grange hotel swimming poolThere was an 18 meter pool at the hotel. It was an indoor pool which is not always looked upon as a relaxation source, but this pool was housed in such a beautifully crafted building which included vaulted ceilings that boasted high, rustic looking wooden beams.

This addition to the hotel was something that drew attention, and of course more paying guests, simply from its pictures. Along with the rustic look of the indoor pool came the spa that was offered by the hotel. Guests were able to rest and relax by the indoor pool, workout doing laps, or easily take a dip before they were called in for their spa treatments.

The pool was another big expense to keep up and had to be tiled and plastered often to keep up with the demand of hotel guest who visited for the pool and spa facilities. There were guests who loved to bring their expertise to the spa and for that the owners and management were blessed and grateful. Many bachelor parties and girls weekends were spent enjoying the pool and its detailed tiling and smooth bottom that was always kept up by one of the best clients of the hotel at.

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Animal Wildlife In Cheshire

Sightseeing was one of the favorite activities of the hotel guests, and not just because of the beauty of the topography. Experiencing the diverse animal wildlife around Cheshire is really an amazing experience.

Some omoreside grange hotel pintailducksf the birds to see are incredible. The pintail ducks are one my favorite birds. The male being more striking than the female, he has a white breast area and dark brown head. He has slight yellow highlights on his back end with a long tail. While still beautiful, the female is not quite as stunning and looks like a dark mallard duck. You will see plenty of the pintail in the larger estuaries like the Dee during the colder winter months.

moorside grange hotel oystercatcherMy second favorite bird is the Oystercatcher. The complimentary orange, black and white colors make this bird something amazing to see.  They have a long orange beak as you can see from the photo, and a chunky torso. Their white breast contrasts fabulously with their upper black body and orange/pinkish legs. The oystercatcher usually can be found hanging around and feeding on the estuary shorelines.

I can go on and on about the birds of Cheshire! But I would like to tell you about some of the other wildlife around the hotel.

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