The Cheshire Surroundings

The Cheshire countryside is what continues to draw people to visit England’s quaint, but beautiful Peak District area. The rolling hills offer an unprecedented backdrop to an area rich in history and sightseeing. The popular go to places to stay these days are small bed and breakfasts and little inns if you will, but during the  Moorside Grange Hotel era there were guides hired by the hotel to take visitors on hikes, cycling, and many park adventures and animal sightings through this National Park.

The countryside scenery is simply breathtaking and has so much to offer in terms of sightseeing. Many of the trails in the park are famous hikes for outdoor enjoyment in the Peak District. One can take in the scenery by simply hiking on foot or riding a bicycle and there are cycle rental shops in town for those who choose to bike.

There are also many bridal paths that wind through the countryside for those who enjoy horseback riding. And for those who prefer exerting less energy and relaxing, you can also easily enjoy the scenery via automobile or motorcycle. There are 3 or 4 visitor centers for more information, but when the hotel was operating, we prided ourselves on giving thorough information on where to go and what to do based on people’s interests and needs.

It was common, after a long day of fun in the park for hotel guests to come back tired and ready to kickback and enjoy the view through the massive hotel windows! Some of which were floor to ceiling and were difficult for the maid and cleaning staff to keep up and clean! They painstakingly cleaned every window in the hotel so that the views could  be taken in without obstruction from dirt! However it wasn’t without careful and meticulous effort on their part.

This was perhaps one of, if not the most difficult jobs in keeping up and maintaining the hotel on a daily basis. There was a time I can remember we had guests from California, USA staying at the hotel, one of which owned a large window cleaning business in his hometown. One morning some of us came into work to see him teaching our staff how to better clean the hotel windows.  Continue reading “The Cheshire Surroundings”