Welcome To My Moorside Grange Hotel Website

Hey everyone, this is my new website dedicated to the¬†Moorside Grange Hotel! The hotel closed in early 2013, but as an employee there for 6 years, I had many great experiences (you can read more about me here). The hotel is now a school for children who have learning disabilities. These grounds are perfect for therapeutic learning and while the hotel will be missed I feel that anyone who visited would agree it’s going to be used for an amazing and much needed cause.

I will tell you many facts about the history of the hotel and share with you some interesting things about the area so that if you are looking to visit The Peak District you will have some knowledge.

About The Moorside Grange Hotel

The hotel was located in England at the corner of Lyme Park, in the Peak District. It was really one the nicest “country house” type hotels in the country, although it was too large to be considered a bed and breakfast! The hotel overlooks beautiful green rolling hills, surrounded by small farms of the moorland.

The hotel had 98 rooms, with most having a view of the scenery described above. There were also 8 corporate meeting rooms, making the hotel a great choice for a company retreat.

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